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a book review… kinda // 01

i wanted to make book reviews for a while now but i wasn’t sure how. i want to introduce some of the stories that really lit my fire and influenced me to become a nicer person. stories that i hold dear to my heart. so i’m making a little series of ‘not-so-professional’ book reviews. here’s my first take.

the first book that i wanted to share with you is ‘the tale of despereauxΒ by kate dicamillo.Β it is theΒ tale of an unlikely hero, a brave mouse calledΒ ‘despereaux tilling’Β as he sets out on a quest to save the human princessΒ Pea. but it Β doesn’t only tell of despereaux, it also tells the poignant and dark stories of the wishful servant ‘miggery sow’ and the covetous rat ‘chiaroscuro’,Β two characters that i fell deeply in love with.


one thing that i really love about it is how kate dicamillo wrote this book. i love how it is still eloquently written despite it being a children’s book. and how the author speaks directly to the readers. almost as if she’s a grandmother telling a bedtime story. it just adds a magical touch which i absolutely love.


and you learn different things from each character. things about happiness, duty, love and hope, compassion, redemption and forgiveness.


i like how the pages have jagged edges like it had worn out over time. but a good story is timeless.


and i like the font used. i hold each word very delicately in my heart. it doesn’t hurt my eyes and they’re just the right size.

a little doodle by me πŸ™‚

also, Timothy Ering’s illustrations are just my cup of tea. ❀


i could not recommend this book enough and i would love to read this story to my nephew someday. stories are light. shed some.

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through a goldfish’s eyes.

i’d like to see the world through a gold fish’s eyes. i’ve recently seen yuwei qiu‘s animated short film called trapped fishΒ and learned that a gold fish has only 7 seconds of memory. after just a short span of time everything becomes new again. and so i wish to be like a gold fish. i want to always feel and see things like it’s the first time all over again. if a gold fish has only 7 seconds of memory then it would never be tired of the same thing. it would be nice to be unfamiliar. so i could always be curious, always be fascinated.


// unrecycled resolution. //

1. write letters to people i love.

2. ask people how they are more often.

3. be kind to others; and kinder to myself.

4. i will only write down genuine thoughts. and in the best and simplest way i can.

5. improve my hand writing.

6. read more.

7. get rid of crappy books. and crappy clothes.

8. give myself freedom to paint whatever i want to paint whenever i want to paint; and

9. at the same time, teach myself discipline because art is hard.

10. have courage.

11. pick out my insecurities Β o n e Β by Β o n e.

12. grow out my hair mermaid length.

13. i will fiercely love myself.

14. eat lots and lots.

15. paint more.

16. be grateful for the little thingsΒ always.

17. nurture good thoughts.

18. be an entirely different person from last year. not necessarily better. just different.

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bad art.

i will constantly make bad art. i whisper to myself as i start to feel bad about what i have created. it is a good reminder. i don’t always have to force myself to make something worthwhile every time i decide to sit down and get creative.Β a friend once told me to keep writing poetry even when nobody will read it. keep making art even when it’s crap. i will constantly make bad art. and then i will make good ones.

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(little parenthesis)


i live in a fast paced world.Β everything is only moving forward. no rewinds, no stops, no pauses. this tricked meΒ into thinking that i have to be out there plotting my story, making it happen, doing things as soon as possible because really when is a better time to start other than right now. but reader, today i found myself in between little parenthesis. being put on hold. as i patiently wait for my story to unfold at the right time and the right place at the right pace.




some people are like Β s u p e r n o v a. when you first met them they were but an ordinary star among all the other ordinary stars.Β then slowly you produce an enigmatic fondness towards them and theyΒ become every star that made up yourΒ  c o n s t e l l a t i o n. yet little did you know they were a supernova.Β an Β e x p l o s i o n. a catastrophic destruction. in the end, you are left with Β n o t h i n g. a black hole.