// unrecycled resolution. //

1. write letters to people i love.

2. ask people how they are more often.

3. be kind to others; and kinder to myself.

4. i will only write down genuine thoughts. and in the best and simplest way i can.

5. improve my hand writing.

6. read more.

7. get rid of crappy books. and crappy clothes.

8. give myself freedom to paint whatever i want to paint whenever i want to paint; and

9. at the same time, teach myself discipline because art is hard.

10. have courage.

11. pick out my insecurities Β o n e Β by Β o n e.

12. grow out my hair mermaid length.

13. i will fiercely love myself.

14. eat lots and lots.

15. paint more.

16. be grateful for the little thingsΒ always.

17. nurture good thoughts.

18. be an entirely different person from last year. not necessarily better. just different.


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