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a book review… kinda // 01

i wanted to make book reviews for a while now but i wasn’t sure how. i want to introduce some of the stories that really lit my fire and influenced me to become a nicer person. stories that i hold dear to my heart. so i’m making a little series of ‘not-so-professional’ book reviews. here’s my first take.

the first book that i wanted to share with you is ‘the tale of despereauxΒ by kate dicamillo.Β it is theΒ tale of an unlikely hero, a brave mouse calledΒ ‘despereaux tilling’Β as he sets out on a quest to save the human princessΒ Pea. but it Β doesn’t only tell of despereaux, it also tells the poignant and dark stories of the wishful servant ‘miggery sow’ and the covetous rat ‘chiaroscuro’,Β two characters that i fell deeply in love with.


one thing that i really love about it is how kate dicamillo wrote this book. i love how it is still eloquently written despite it being a children’s book. and how the author speaks directly to the readers. almost as if she’s a grandmother telling a bedtime story. it just adds a magical touch which i absolutely love.


and you learn different things from each character. things about happiness, duty, love and hope, compassion, redemption and forgiveness.


i like how the pages have jagged edges like it had worn out over time. but a good story is timeless.


and i like the font used. i hold each word very delicately in my heart. it doesn’t hurt my eyes and they’re just the right size.

a little doodle by me πŸ™‚

also, Timothy Ering’s illustrations are just my cup of tea. ❀


i could not recommend this book enough and i would love to read this story to my nephew someday. stories are light. shed some.